Engraved Battle Axes: Elegant and Deadly

 Engraved Battle Axes Will Change Your Life for the Better! 

Engraved battle axes are not for the faint of heart. But those strong of mind and body will be able to hold their engraved battle axes high! All of their foes shall fall before them, unable to stand against the combined might of a determined warrior and a well-crafted weapon. These days, most battles are more figurative than literal, but engraved battle axes are still fantastic additions to any household. Forget motivational posters! For real inspiration, you need engraved battle axes decorating your walls. Sure, you could hang them over the hearth or over a doorway, but think outside the box! They’re also great in the kitchen or suspended dangerously over the bed to keep you on your toes even when you sleep.

engraved battle axes

And don’t stop there! You can take your engraved battle axes to work and hang them up as cubicle decorations. If any coworkers complain, explain that they are religiously significant to you. You might not get away with this with just a regular axe, but engraved battle axes can have intricate designs and iconography. With the right image etched upon it, you can easily claim it as a religious symbol! Send those whiny co-workers to HR-mandated sensitivity sessions. That’s the power of the axe!

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you should leave your engraved battle axes on the walls forever. If you want to take them out into the forest and pretend you’re a Viking, we wholeheartedly support your lifestyle choices. But in order to do that, you’re first going to need to get your axe engraved! So get in touch with us today and let us help start you on the path towards intense awesomeness. Just fill out the RFQ form below, and you’re on your way!

You Will Love Your Engraved Battle Axe!

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Engraved Cleavers Combine Art and Function

Get Your Message Across with an Engraved Cleaver

Engraved cleavers will enhance absolutely any kitchen. You’ve got to cut on something, so why use something plain when you could have something fancy and custom-made? We can custom-create anything you’d like. Just the other day, we made engraved cleavers with Guy Fieri’s face on them! You can’t go wrong with Guy Fieri. If you disagree, that’s okay. Only Guy can judge me. Maybe celebrity chefs decorating your engraved cleavers isn’t what you want. Not a problem! We can do anything. If you can design it, we can laser-etch it onto engraved cleavers for you. If you can’t design it, that’s okay! We can design it for you, and you’ll still get fantastic custom engraved cleavers. We’re full service like that.

We source the finest materials, so our engraved cleavers are all high quality. They’re built to last and designed to stand up to heavy use in the kitchen. So whether you’re slicing the occasional cheese or spending eight hours a day chopping vegetables, our engraved cleavers won’t let you down. The etching process is guaranteed not to remove any strength or durability from the metal. And the whole time you’re chopping food, there’s Guy Fieri smiling up at you! Or whatever else you’d like us to engrave, of course. We like Guy Fieri, but you can make your own choices. The point is, it just helps you feel good all around. Please note: there will be an image of Guy Fieri smiling up at you. It will not actually be Guy Fieri. Please do not attempt to slice food with actual Guy Fieri. Contact us today! Just click the link below to access our convenient RFQ form, and we’ll get back to you with a custom quote faster than you’d think possible. We’re here to make all of your cleaver dreams come true.

Engraved Cleavers Have That Shine!

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A Laser Engraved Cleaver Will Cut Through Kitchen Boredom

Laser Engraved Cleavers Look Sharp!

A laser engraved cleaver is not for the faint of heart. A cleaver is already an impressive tool, and once the time has been spent to laser engrave it, you know that the person wielding it is a true professional. It’s like those people who carry around their own pool cues in felt-lined suitcases. When you see someone putting one of those cues together, you know they’re not messing around. That’s the same feeling people will get about you when they see your laser engraved cleaver. 

To further enhance that effect, we’ve put the word #SAVAGE on this laser engraved cleaver. No one will confuse you for a mild-mannered sous chef! With this laser engraved cleaver in your hand, you’re ready to take on the world. The world of food. Which pretty much is the regular world, if you think about it. Don’t shy away from these thoughts. Your laser engraved cleaver can do everything that a regular cleaver can do, only with more style. Whatever you need to cleave, your laser engraved cleaver will be ready, willing and able to assist. No cut of meat is too mighty for you! But with great power comes great responsibility, so look deep into yourself and ask: am I ready for this? If you’re ready to take on the mantle of owning a laser engraved cleaver, then we’re ready to custom-create one for you. Whatever design, whatever words you want, we can etch them on with laser precision. Contact us through the RFQ form below, and we can get started immediately! You’re living in the future now. And the future is cleavers.

Are You #SAVAGE Enough for Our Laser Engraved Cleaver?

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Engraved Tools to Raise Your Status

Know What’s Yours with Engraved Tools

Engraved tools are what you need. “Why?” you might ask. “Why do I need engraved tools?” I’m glad you asked that question! You need engraved tools for one simple reason: because they are amazing. Once you engrave your tools, they become forty-seven times better than they were before. You can’t argue with math like that. Engraved tools have a number of advantages over their non-engraved counterparts. For one, they don’t get lost nearly as often. If someone’s borrowed your custom tools, there’s never any question or discussion when you retrieve it about whether or not it was yours. If it has your name on it, or it matches the other tools that you’ve had engraved, then it’s an open-and-shut case.

 Obviously, engraved tools can still get actually lost if you can’t find where you put them. But let’s be honest. Most times if a tool is lost, it’s not because you forgot where you set it down. It’s because someone else borrowed it and didn’t give it back. That’s the way the world works. And even if no one’s borrowing your stuff, you’ll still want engraved tools because they just look better. And when tools look better, they work better. That’s another science fact. If you don’t believe us, get some engraved tools and try it out for yourself! You’ll see pretty quickly which tools are superior. Hint: it won’t be the plain, generic ones that everyone has. Those tools have low self-esteem which impacts their job performance. The engraved ones, though, know that they’re special, and that’s clearly reflected in their work. Invest in your tools. Invest in yourself. You deserve this.

Engraved Tools Set Your Set Apart!

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An Engraved Knife, for Classy Cutting

Laser Marked, Etched, Engraved Knife!

An engraved knife is a classy accessory. Yes, some call them swords. Think back on the knights of old, or the kings and princes of any fantasy story. Do they have plain weapons? They do not. They are ornately decorated, beautifully designed, and skillfully engraved. Your engraved knife elevates you to their ranks. A generic unmarked knife can be picked up in just about any store, but an engraved knife shows passion, commitment and creativity. That’s the kind of person you want to be.

An Engraved Knife

It used to be extremely difficult to get a quality engraved knife, but fortunately, we have made the process supremely easy for you. Just use the RFQ form below to let us know what you’d like engraved on your knife, and we can get right to work on it. If you have custom art that you’d like us to use, we can do a perfect replica of anything you send us. Or if you just have an idea of what you’d like the engraving to look like, you can describe it to us and we’ll create it for you. We’re happy to work with you either way!

We can do bulk orders just as easily as we can create a single item, too. So if you’re looking for a unique way to advertise your business or something special to sell in your store, an engraved knife is a great way to go. We’ve got great turnaround time, so we can get you up and running extremely quickly. We believe in instant gratification, and so should you! Contact us today so that we can get started on your engraved knife! The longer you wait, the less time you spend without an engraved knife in your life. That’s a fate that absolutely no one should suffer. Our laser operators are standing by!

An Engraved Knife Is a Great Choice!

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Engraved Knives: Looking Sharp, Cutting Sharp

Custom Engraved Knives

Engraved knives are a specialty of ours. There’s something about the smooth, mirrored surface of a blade that just calls out to have engraving added to it. And if you’re concerned about the durability of engraved knives, don’t be! Engraving takes absolutely nothing away from the strength or integrity of the blade. It adds a level of ornamentation without sacrificing anything in return. Really, the only reason not to have engraved knives is if you don’t know where to get them. Fortunately, now you know where you can go for engraved knives! We can engrave all manner of knives, from giant machetes to tiny keychain knives. Whether you’re looking for words, pictures or diagrams, we’re the shop to get it done for you. We can take any picture you have and laser-etch it onto any knife you’d like. Nothing engraves knives better than a laser! And no one uses a laser better than we do. We’re laser masters.

Whether you need many engraved knives or just one, we have the tools and the know-how to get your order completed speedily and without errors. If you only have an idea of what you want your engraved knives to look like, we’ve got artists on staff who can turn your description into reality. We can source the knives ourselves, or we can have you ship ones you already have to us. Whatever it is you need, we’re able to work with you to make it happen. Use the convenient RFQ form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with us. Once we know what you need your engraved knives to look like, we can get right to work creating them for you. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start! So drop us a line today and let’s get cracking.

Engraved Knives: What’s Not to Love?

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A Personalized Knife Sets You Apart

Create Your Personalized Knife Anyway You Want

A personalized knife is a great thing to have. You take an everyday tool and add your own personal touch, something to show that it is definitively yours. Your personalized knife says something about you, about who you are, about what you’re like. You probably already have a favorite knife, one you can identify by the nicks and scratches on the handle. A personalized knife is like that, only magnitudes better. It’s the difference between a scar and a tattoo. Both tell a story, but only one is a work of art. And even better than getting a personalized knife for yourself is getting one for a friend. It’s a fantastic gift, one that’s both functional and thoughtful. Everyone’s excited to get something as unique as a personalized knife.

Personalized Knife

Why spend hours browsing through online catalogues of items when you could just tell us what you want and let us make it for you? With a personalized knife, you can save time and get the best gift all at once. That’s efficiency! You can take the time you saved and use it for hobbies, or chores, or just to take a nap. That’s all up to you. Here’s the way it works: just use the easy RFQ form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with us. You can send us the design you’d like on your knife if you have it already made, or you can describe your idea and let us make it for you. Then we’ll fire up our lasers and turn your design into exactly the personalized knife you’ve been picturing. It’s the closest thing to magic that this world has to offer! And it’s at your beck and call. We’re basically a genie in a lamp, here to grant your wishes. Let us know what we can do for you!

A Personalized Knife for a Personalized Life!

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Personalized Knives Are Glorious Blades

Your New Personalized Knives Will Look Great

Personalized knives are one of the coolest gift options out there. They’re good for all sorts of occasions: weddings, birthdays, retirements, housewarmings and more. There’s basically no wrong time to give personalized knives to your friends.What makes personalized knives so great? Well, you’re starting with a knife, which is one of the world’s most versatile tools. It can chop, skin, score, or slice anything you need.

In a pinch, you can use it as a screwdriver or even a hammer. Then you take that useful tool and kick it up a notch with custom engraving. Your personalized knives can have anything you want on them! Whether it’s a single word, a phrase, a custom design or reproduced art, we can laser-etch your personalized knives to suit anything you have in mind. Lasers don’t slip or screw up, so whatever we put into it is precisely what gets etched into the blade, no matter how complicated. If you want your knives to bear your signature, just send that to us and our lasers will put a perfect image of your signature on the blade. That’s not forgery. It’s laser-forgery. That’s completely different and totally legal. Make personalized knives your thing! Get them for your friends and for yourself. Make sure that everyone in your life has a knife that’s been personalized to them. Everyone will thank you! You’ll never again wonder what gift to get for someone, or have to watch them fake a smile when they open a gift box to find something disappointing. No one’s ever been disappointed by a custom-created, laser-etched personalized knife! It’s a scientific impossibility. They’re just too cool.

Personalized Knives Make You a Better Person!

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Groomsman Gifts Make Your Friends Feel Appreciated

Custom Engrave Your Groomsman Gifts

Groomsman gifts are a key part of any wedding. A small part, but most keys are small, after all. They’re no less vital for that, and the same is true of groomsman gifts. It needs to be thoughtful, useful, and above all, personal. Those are the marks of superior groomsman gifts. So how do you achieve all of these things in your groomsman gifts? Well, useful is easy. Think of something that people need, usually something portable. Knives and flasks have proven to be popular groomsman gifts over the years. As for thoughtful, that’s also fairly straightforward: put some thought into it. You know your groomsmen well. That’s why they’re standing up for you at your wedding. Pick something they’d like, something meaningful between you, and it will be well-received.


That’s where we come in. Whatever groomsman gifts you go with, we’re ready to personalize them for you. We customize in the most permanent way possible: with lasers. Laser etching won’t ever fade or rub off. It’s there for the life of the base material. If you want gifts that will stand the test of time, we’re the way to go. You can consider it a metaphor for the strength of your relationship, if you’d like. We won’t stop you.

Use the RFQ form at the bottom of the page to contact us and let us know what you’d like for your groomsman gift. Once we’ve got all of the information from you, we’ll fire back a custom quote and get the whole process started. We’ll make sure that your groomsmen are taken care of! You just worry about the rest of the wedding. You’re on your own for that part. We only take on problems that can be solved with lasers. If you’d like us to solve your wedding with lasers, though, let’s talk.

Groomsman Gifts: Memories for Your Closest Friends!

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A Groomsman Gift Made Easy with Custom Engraving

Custom Engraving Your Groomsman Gift

The groomsman gift: an often overlooked part of the wedding ceremony. Yet, years down the line, the only tangible reminder that your friends may have of the day they all put on tuxes and clowned around with you for photos. And yet, if you just get a generic groomsman gift, they’ll have no reminder linking it back to your wedding day. Do you want your groomsmen saying, “This is a great knife, but where did I even get it?” Or do you want them saying, “Man, X sure gave me a fantastic groomsman gift! I’d be in his wedding again any time.” I am assuming here that your name is X. Statistically, that’s unlikely, but if I’m wrong, please mentally insert your own name.

We can help you create the perfect, unforgettable groomsman gift. It’s a two step process: you tell us what you need engraved, and we engrave it for you. That’s it! You’re just two easy steps away from a custom-made groomsman gift to celebrate you and the future Mrs. X. And we’re fully responsible for the second of those steps, so really you’re just one small step away from that gift. You’re nearly there! Just one step to go!

How do you take that first and final step, you ask? Simple. We’ve got a convenient RFQ form at the bottom of the page. You fill that out with the information we need about your groomsman gift, and we leap into action. And if this slipped through the cracks, what with all of the other wedding planning you’re doing, not to worry! We’re great at rush orders.

The Best Groomsman Gift Has Customized Engraving.

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A Customized Knife is a Knife for Life

Your Customized Knife Is Both Useful & Beautiful

A customized knife is a great gift for all sorts of occasions. You could use a customized knife to say “I love you,” or “happy retirement,” or even just “hello.” If you like the literal approach, you could do that by having those words directly on the blade. We’d be happy to do that for you! But obviously, that’s not the only way to make a customized knife. We can apply designs, logos, artwork: it’s your call. The sky’s the limit!

Here’s the way it works. You contact us via the RFQ form below—or through phone or email, if that’s your preference—and say, “Hello! I’d like a customized knife.” Or many knives! We love bulk orders. You provide a few more details, and we send you back a quote. You give us the go-ahead, and we get right to work turning your customized knife into a tangible object.

We can work with all kinds of knives. Cleavers, machetes, kukris, pocket knives—as long as your knife has a blade, we can customize it for you! If your knife doesn’t have a blade, then I hate to break it to you, but what you actually have is a stick. Unless your knife doesn’t have a handle, either, in which case what you have is a delusion. We can’t laser-etch a delusion…yet.

But whether you’re providing the knives or we’re sourcing them for you, we’re ready to get you the customized knife you need—the customized knife you deserve—today. Contact us so that we can get the ball rolling! The knife ball. Once the knife ball starts rolling, get out of its way. Do not stand in the path of the knife ball.

A Customized Knife Is a Treasured Knife!

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