Engraved Cleavers Combine Art and Function

Get Your Message Across with an Engraved Cleaver

Engraved cleavers will enhance absolutely any kitchen. You’ve got to cut on something, so why use something plain when you could have something fancy and custom-made? We can custom-create anything you’d like. Just the other day, we made engraved cleavers with Guy Fieri’s face on them! You can’t go wrong with Guy Fieri. If you disagree, that’s okay. Only Guy can judge me. Maybe celebrity chefs decorating your engraved cleavers isn’t what you want. Not a problem! We can do anything. If you can design it, we can laser-etch it onto engraved cleavers for you. If you can’t design it, that’s okay! We can design it for you, and you’ll still get fantastic custom engraved cleavers. We’re full service like that.

We source the finest materials, so our engraved cleavers are all high quality. They’re built to last and designed to stand up to heavy use in the kitchen. So whether you’re slicing the occasional cheese or spending eight hours a day chopping vegetables, our engraved cleavers won’t let you down. The etching process is guaranteed not to remove any strength or durability from the metal. And the whole time you’re chopping food, there’s Guy Fieri smiling up at you! Or whatever else you’d like us to engrave, of course. We like Guy Fieri, but you can make your own choices. The point is, it just helps you feel good all around. Please note: there will be an image of Guy Fieri smiling up at you. It will not actually be Guy Fieri. Please do not attempt to slice food with actual Guy Fieri. Contact us today! Just click the link below to access our convenient RFQ form, and we’ll get back to you with a custom quote faster than you’d think possible. We’re here to make all of your cleaver dreams come true.

Engraved Cleavers Have That Shine!

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A Laser Engraved Cleaver Will Cut Through Kitchen Boredom

Laser Engraved Cleavers Look Sharp!

A laser engraved cleaver is not for the faint of heart. A cleaver is already an impressive tool, and once the time has been spent to laser engrave it, you know that the person wielding it is a true professional. It’s like those people who carry around their own pool cues in felt-lined suitcases. When you see someone putting one of those cues together, you know they’re not messing around. That’s the same feeling people will get about you when they see your laser engraved cleaver. 

To further enhance that effect, we’ve put the word #SAVAGE on this laser engraved cleaver. No one will confuse you for a mild-mannered sous chef! With this laser engraved cleaver in your hand, you’re ready to take on the world. The world of food. Which pretty much is the regular world, if you think about it. Don’t shy away from these thoughts. Your laser engraved cleaver can do everything that a regular cleaver can do, only with more style. Whatever you need to cleave, your laser engraved cleaver will be ready, willing and able to assist. No cut of meat is too mighty for you! But with great power comes great responsibility, so look deep into yourself and ask: am I ready for this? If you’re ready to take on the mantle of owning a laser engraved cleaver, then we’re ready to custom-create one for you. Whatever design, whatever words you want, we can etch them on with laser precision. Contact us through the RFQ form below, and we can get started immediately! You’re living in the future now. And the future is cleavers.

Are You #SAVAGE Enough for Our Laser Engraved Cleaver?

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Customized Knives Are a Great Idea!

Honor Those Worthy with Customized Knives

Customized knives are an excellent way to make something great even greater. With customized knives, you don’t just have functionality, you’ve also got style. And whether you’re out in the wilderness or in your own backyard, style is important. Style is what sets us apart from the animals. That, and opposable thumbs. You’ll also need opposable thumbs to wield your knives. We can’t give you thumbs, but we can give you customization! Our lasers will precision-etch your customized knives with whatever image you need. We can do anything, from college logos to fantasy murals and more! It could be as simple as a name and date, or as complicated as the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Your imagination’s the limit when it comes to ordering customized knives from us. Imagination is what sets us apart from the animals.

And speaking of imagination, just imagine how great your customized knives will look. Now stop imagining, and contact us to make it happen! We can take your idea from concept to reality at the speed of light. Laser light. And since “laser” is an acronym starting with the word light, that’s basically double light speed. No one else can provide customized knives at double light speed. That may seem like faulty math, but faulty math is what sets us apart from the animals. Come to think of it, there seems to be a lot setting us apart from the animals. It’s possible that we’re more different from animals than we realized! That’s an interesting realization. We’re going to have to devote some time to thinking about this. Thinking is what sets us apart from…shoot, there it is again. Maybe we’ll sit down with our customized knives and whittle while we think. Whittling, after all, is what sets us apart from the animals.

Customized Knives: Looking Sharp!

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